FAQ & Guarantees!
I have been making jewelry for 25 years and I stand behind
my products.  See our information below for frequently
asked questions!
We will be glad to refund your money for any item that you are not completely happy with!  Please let us know ASAP - we accept returns for
any reason within 5 days of receipt of merchandise.  Please
contact us immediately upon receipt of product via email to arrange for
returns.   Returns between 6 to 30 days of receipt are eligible for credit/exchanges.  Unfortunately custom orders cannot be returned or
exchanged - but if you have a problem with a custom order - let us know and perhaps we can fix it!  

Refunds are given in the same manner as payment was received upon receipt of the returned merchandise.  Returns must be well packed
and insured. If you are in Northern Virginia, a drop off or pick up is also possible!   Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.  (We are
not responsible for return items that are lost in the mail.)
What if I don't like my item when I receive it?
All our jewelry and our rosaries contain sterling silver.  Sterling is easy to clean with a silver polishing cloth or a silver paste.  What I do is use
soaking for at least ten minutes (or more – nothing here is harming it), I take a clean toothbrush and go over the bracelet to remove dirt and
residue.  I then rinse it and dry it with a soft cloth or paper towel.  If I don’t feel that I removed all the tarnish, I repeat that process.  Once the
tarnish is off, I put the item in one of those jewelry cleaning solutions, such as “Jewel Brite” or “Sunray”.  Follow their cleaning instructions
and DO NOT leave the item in the solution longer than their recommended time (usually about 10 minutes).  I set a timer for this!!  Then take
it out of the solution and scrub it with the small brush they provide (or again with your own soft bristled clean toothbrush).  Finally dry with
For polishing a bracelet with silver and pearls, you can clean/polish the silver portions with a silver polishing cloth or with a silver paste –
just taking care not to work directly on the pearls.    Use the same process described above again taking care not to work directly on the pearls.  
And make sure any cleaning solution you use - such as "jewel Brite" or "Sunray" is safe for pearls.

Because sterling silver can tarnish, I recommend that you don't leave the pieces in humid areas - for example - don't store in a bathroom. Also
try to keep covered, for example in a tarnish proof pouch (available for purchase at the bottom of  our
First Communion page), or even in a
plastic bag.  
How do I clean the pieces?
it is not heavy enough gauge to support the use of the product.   

If it breaks, please
contact me so that I can fix it!   Most repairs are at no charge.  Sometimes, and depending on the circumstances, I charge a
nominal fee to cover the cost of lost beads or parts.

piece of elastic or wire available for that application.  For The 23rd Psalm and Lord's Prayer Bracelets - I have had two of the 23rd Psalm made
them.  The elastic wore through.   In this instance, I replace the bracelet.  I will soon have made them.  The elastic wore through.   In this
instance, I replace the bracelet.  I will soon have these bracelets available on more durable wire these bracelets available on more durable wire
to minimize this issue.
to minimize this issue.

And please - never sleep with your jewelry on your arm or neck - that will surely break it!

Please remember that hand made artisan jewelry is more delicate than mass produced manufactured jewelry.  Please handle
it gently!